Benefits of Changing Name According to Numerology

You might have seen people with unusual name spellings, with an extra M or an extra A. Ever wondered why people choose extended name spellings instead of simple ones? 

A number of people have unusual name spellings and when you ask them about it, they tell you that it’s either because of a famous numerologist or a famous astrologer in India.

The reason behind those unusual spelling names is the belief that names can change outcomes. While it may surprise you for a minute, it is connected to the beliefs of numerology. But how true is that? Can changing names actually benefit your fate according to numerology?

These questions are obvious to pop up in your head. This blog can help you get more clear ideas on numerology and how it works to bring better luck through your name.

What is Name Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers which believes that the universe is a system of numbers. Understanding these numbers can help a numerologist to make predictions about a person according to his name and date of birth. 

It means numerology believes that your name and date of birth can have a vast effect on your destiny and traits.

How Numerology Can Help You?

Changing names in numerology has great importance. Numerology believes that if your name is not decided according to your date of birth or life path number, it might not provide the benefits of the number.

Even if the number resulting from changing your name is lucky, you might not acquire its benefits. Therefore, people contact expert numerologists to change their names according to their date of birth. 

Reasons to Change Name

There are certain reasons why people make changes to their names. Before you decide anything, here are some reasons why some people change names.

  1. Changing names has the capability to increase the positive energy that is already present in the name chart. It can also bring some energy and positivity that may come out to be positive in the future.
  2. If an individual decides to change the culture, community, affiliation, or religion, he or she needs to change the name according to the norms of a certain organization.
  3. In some cultures, it is a ritual to change the surname of a woman after marriage. They take the surname of their husbands after the marriage as per tradition.
  4. People in creative or artistic industries like singing, acting, singing, or writing often change their names. They either prefer to have a stage or pen name or choose what they think might make them popular.

What Are The Benefits?

Changing names according to date of birth can have a great impact on the challenges in life. It can help an individual to fight those challenges or may decrease them. It changes the values of your personality number resulting in a change in traits, personality, ambitions, and skills.

People change their names because they believe it does not suit their life. Changing the name also alters their expression number along with soul urge and personality number.

The alteration in these three numbers may bring changes in life as these numbers hold a big importance. This is how changing names according to numerology can benefit you.

Factors to Consider Before Changing Your Name

Although people have varying opinions on whether changing names benefits them or not, there are real-life examples that make this statement true.

Changing names is a tedious task for sure when it comes to legalities so you have to get a numerology consultation online or offline before taking a step. 

There is a numerology chart for everyone and it consists of 5 core numbers, which are considered the most important numbers in a numerology chart.

Two of these five numbers are derived from the individual’s date of birth and the rest three are derived from the person’s full name. These three numbers are called the Soul urge number, Expression number, and Personality Number.

Do not jump to a conclusion right away. You should meet a numerologist before making any name changes. A numerologist can make changes to 5 or 6 values resulting in changes in one’s physical structure and mind.

Several people have opted for numerology services and it has worked for them. But you need to have in-depth knowledge about it before any step. 

Many Bollywood celebrities like Rajkummar Rao, Hrithik Roshan, Javed Jaafery, and Ayushmann Khurrana have also changed their names based on the beliefs of numerology. For example, Hrithik Roshan added an H to his first name, Rajkummar Rao added an extra M, and Karisma Kapoor removed the H from her first name.

Summing Up

Changing names can make significant changes to life. If you consider taking this step, get in touch with a renowned numerologist first. Dr. Sanjay Sethi is a successful Astro-numerologist who gives reliable numerology and astrology services. You can consult with him to get guidance on changing names.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I change my name in numerology?

Changing your name in numerology does not mean that you have to change the entire name. Changing your name basically means changing spellings that work according to your life number or date of birth. Numerology might need you to add or remove a few alphabets.

2. Does changing names change destiny?

Changing your name might lead to some changes in your life like personality, traits, and ambitions. But destiny is a bigger concept and changing the name is a very little factor in it.

3. How does a name affect personality?

Our names have an effect on our behaviour, career path, physical appearance, life choices, popularity, and others’ opinions about us.

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