Soul Urge Number: Meaning And Significance

Soul Urge Number

Numerology revolves around different numbers and all these numbers have different meanings. One of the numbers is the Soul Urge Number. 

It is the number that represents the inner traits of an individual and represents their characteristics from the heart. 

Therefore, a soul urge number can tell so much about a person before you even start knowing them. This number helps to judge a person’s characteristics when you have not made a relationship with them. 

The soul urge number of a person is calculated with the help of vowels (a,e, i,o,u) in the name of a person. There is a strong significance of this number in our lives. Let us understand what this number means and how it can make a difference.

What is Soul Urge Number?

The soul urge number is also known as the Heart’s Desire Number. The soul urge number represents what your heart and soul want more as compared to other things in the world. 

It represents your hopes, dreams and wishes. It describes your motivations from the heart and is the medium through which you make decisions. 

This number even shows how you react and behave in relationships. According to numerology, if the soul urge number is in harmony with your life path number, the decision-making will be easier for you. 

But if the life path number does not collide with your soul urge number, it may bring hurdles for you from time to time. This misalignment may make your decision-making difficult and you’ll be confused between your heart and mind. 

If your life path number and soul urge number are the same, you will experience working with true authenticity and you will feel easy to go. 

To learn more about how your life path number and soul path number are connected, you need to make an appointment with an experienced astrologer. 

Importance of Soul Urge Number

The importance of this number helps us figure out what our soul is most connected to. This is an important part of our lives as it helps us understand our spiritual life and our inner mind. 

Getting an insight into these things can bring better dynamics in our lives. It helps to find answers to questions like:

  • What are our true desires?
  • What is our true motivation? 
  • What is the one factor that keeps us closer to our passion and dreams? 
  • Lastly, what does our soul want the most? 

With the help of the soul urge number, we can know what our heart actually wants and what our soul needs. 

This number also gives insights into the reason why we are connected to things, places, numbers, and what we want from them. 

It brings our focus to things that are more important and have been looking for answers all this while. 

How to Calculate Soul Urge Number?

Read the steps below to know how to calculate soul urge number. 

1. Write down your full name in a single line without space. For example


2. Count the vowels in your birth name. 

3. Assign every vowel in your name with its numerology number. For your ease- 

A= 1


E= 5

O= 6

I= 9

Y= 7 (in some cases) 

Y acts differently in other words. It sometimes acts as a consonant, so we only have to count it in cases when it makes a sound and acts as a vowel. 

For example in names like Emily, the letter ‘y’ will be counted as a vowel. You only need to find out its numerology number in cases where it appears as a vowel.

4. Now add all the numbers of the name’s vowels. 


      1+3+1+9 = 14

5. In case the total of the addition results in a two-digit number, you need to keep adding the number until you get a single digit. If the above example, the vowel numerology number equals 14, then you have to add both numbers, i.e 4+1= 5. In this case, the soul urge number will be 5.

Apart from the exceptions of master numbers 11, 22, and 33, your heart’s desired number will always decrease to one digit.

Also, remember that 10 is not a soul urge number. If you want to calculate soul urge number, it will always be reduced to one digit, i.e 1+0= 1. 

Some people also prefer an online numerology consultation to know what their soul urge number says about them.

Soul Urge Number Calculator

Enter your full name

What are the Meanings of Each Soul Urge Number?

1. Soul Urge Number 1

This number signifies self-sufficiency and independence. Individuals with soul urge number 1 are known to be great leaders. This number represents that the person is confident about their skills and they are not afraid to try new things. 

If your soul urge number is 1, then your soul urge is to be a leader. But this number also faces some challenges, as with all other numbers. A great leader needs a loyal following. 

If you are a leader, your enthusiasm will affect others and your commitment will also impact your followers. 

However, people with soul number 1 may have conflicts with people who do not like being led. These individuals also have a competitive feature which they may need to fade at times. 

2. Soul Urge Number 2

People with soul urge number 2 like to have commitments that last long. They find love quickly. 

However, they carry a highly sensitive personality and they are also emotional. They like to be around friends and society and they also relish the finer things in life. 

People with soul urge number 2 need safety and comfort. So they carry a sophisticated taste and appreciate exotic items. They possess excellent musical talent and are also driven towards music. 

They are sensitive and diplomatic. They like to slowly influence people to match their point of view. 

3. Soul Urge Number 3

If you belong to soul urge number 3 then you have a young, carefree spirit. You have a positive outlook on life and strive to spread that feeling of cheer and vitality to others. 

Your instincts are so soft that you need help realising that you can’t change the outcome of events on your own. There is no doubt, though, that you can make a difference in people’s lives and brighten their day. 

You find fulfilment in performing, and achieving fame would bring you much joy. No matter what you do, sceptics will appear. 

You need to develop the ability to recognise constructive criticism and ignore meaningless praise. As a result, you will have much greater success. 

4. Soul Urge Number 4

Is order more appealing to you than chaos? Is stability something you seek, and do you find a change to be difficult? 

Do you get a lot of personal fulfilment from making progress toward an aim? It means the vowels in your name add up to make the soul number 4. 

The importance of moderation and organisation in your daily life cannot be overstated. You prefer to stay within established parameters and follow all established norms. 

As a result of your beliefs, you avoid taking any risks in life and are therefore stereotyped as being rather dull. For you, there is no middle ground; it is either black or white for you. 

Excellently inspiring others through your own self-control and diligence, you are a true role model. You have a rational, measured, and practical outlook on any given situation. 

You’ll be an asset to any company due to this. Don’t let your need for order restrict your relationships with your partner or your kids.

5. Soul Urge Number 5

Persons with soul urge number 5 are fun to be with. They have a happy and jolly vibe. According to numerology, people with the soul urge number 5 are seekers and they like to explore world life experiences. 

They do not like to be restricted and hence you will spot them not sticking to job roles that restrict their creativity or stop them from experimenting. 

At an early age, they always want to seek pleasures and delights to feel pumped up and alive. However, when they are old, they stop having such emotions and simulations. 

As they grow old, they start looking for deeper meanings in life. If they want to discover more and find the purpose of their life, they are more likely to follow spiritual masters. 

6. Soul Urge Number 6

They are very different from other personalities and are known to have paternal and maternal behaviours. They are very caring, supportive, and nurturing in nature. 

People with soul urge number 6 often feel the responsibility of taking care of everything and they are also concerned about the well-being of others.

7. Soul Urge Number 7

If you are more inclined towards books and knowledge, the vowels in your name may count as the numerological number 7. You are known to be nerdy, intellectual and a bookworm. 

You believe in gaining knowledge and reading books more than the people you are surrounded by. 

If your soul urge number is 7, you are likely to have an impressive grasping power and you can catch information, and skills better than other people. 

They often have more books as compared to the number of people in their life.

8. Soul Urge Number 8

People with soul urge number 8 tend to be more materialistic. Their interests can be anything from money, power, and wealth to legal matters. You might feel more driven than average to achieve success. 

The very essence of your being yearns for presence in the physical world. However, it’s easy to lose perspective if your main goal in life is to collect wealth. 

Your ambition and drive can get you far in life, but they can also lead you to do some pretty crazy things. You may be good at making money, but you might also easily waste it.

If you want to be happy, you have to strike a balance between your individual goals and the greater good.

9. Soul Urge Number 9

Those with soul urge number 9 value perfection and strive for perfection. You put a lot of effort into the smallest of details as you strive for perfection in every area of your life, for the betterment of the world at large, and for the betterment of your own. 

You’ve always been fascinated by human nature and have studied it all your life. You have above-average intuition but only a mediocre capacity for judging people’s motives and intentions. 

You also need a little guidance if you think that everyone else values the same things you do. 

Whether it be monetary, physical, or emotional, you wish you had the means to quickly end the suffering of others. You possess a perceptive mind and a wealth of information.

10. Soul Urge Number 11

The uniqueness of the number serves as a reminder that for these people that they are also one of a kind. 

They are big on hope and ambition, but they also know that it’s important to keep in mind that everything is interconnected on some level with the spiritual aspects of life.

10. Soul Urge Number 22

You wish to see the world drastically changed. It’s clear that you can see the future you want and are actively working to make it so. 

You see things from a unique perspective, and that helps encourage others to take action and achieve their goals

Even though you’re grounded in reality, you have high aspirations. People feel at ease and safe in your presence. 

Therefore, you possess inherent strengths as a manager, leader, and organiser. Helping others and seeing that help bring results will fulfil your life’s purpose.

11. Soul Urge Number 33

The number 33 is the most unique of all and it is the ‘master teacher’.

This number matches the qualities of the soul urge number 6; meaning, they are nurturing and loving

If this is your life path number, you are loyal and patient. You are a patient listener who readily forgives others and who looks for the best in everyone. 

It’s not uncommon for you to prioritise the wants of others over your own (sometimes to your detriment). 

You try to find good and harmony in everything. You find great joy in creative pursuits and so naturally gravitate toward the arts. 

It’s true that you have many gifts, but the path of soul urge 33 isn’t always smooth sailing. Until you’re 35, you might not realise the full extent of your skills. 

Summing Up

People have different soul urge numbers depending on their names and it defines their personalities. You also possess unique qualities as compared to the people around you. This number holds great importance in our lives. 

From helping you to get an insight into your traits, to judging other people, soul urge can tell so much about a person. You can book a consultation with the best numerologist in India to learn more about its significance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is soul urge number?

The soul urge number represents what your heart and soul want more as compared to other things in the world. It represents your hopes, dreams, and wishes. It describes your motivations from the heart and is the medium through which you make decisions.

2. What does soul urge number 1 mean?

Soul urge number 1 signifies self-sufficiency and independence. Individuals with soul number 1 are known to be great leaders. This number represents that the person is confident about their skills and they are not afraid to try new things. 

3. What is soul urge number 2?

People with soul urge number 2 need safety and comfort. So they carry a sophisticated taste and appreciate exotic items. They possess excellent musical talent and are also driven toward music. They are sensitive and diplomatic.

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