"We are completely blown away with the extraordinary results we have received from wearing the gems we have purchased from you. In addition to being exquisitely beautiful, they are very powerful in their immediate transformative effect. "


My experience with you was very positive and the report you made continues to fascinate me. It would be my pleasure to have a testimonial on your website!


Our discussion was exactly the kick in the pants I needed to get myself focused and on the right path. Your words and concepts have given me the strength and belief in myself that I can achieve my desires and help people be the best they can be.


There was something you had taught us way back and we never forgot your words...you asked us to look at the wall and tell you what we saw. Then you told us to turn to the other wall and asked us what we saw. It was then you told us, 'it is all in the perspective of what you see more than what really is'. We have never forgotten that and have used it numerous times and have shared it with many people. It was a saving grace at moments when you can't see anything!!! And to you we say Thank You!!


Our session helped us make sense of out of the recent changes in our life. We felt like we had been dropped into a void, but with Sanjay's interpretation, We feel hopeful.


Thank you so much for all your help & experience with the numerology report. You certainly gave me insight, hope & peace of mind! Now I know where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them! I'm grateful.


Thank you so much for all of your help!! I cannot tell you how much you have helped me with all of your vastu consultancy!! You are amazing & wonderful!! Thank you!


I didn't know much about numerology, but after a session with Sanjay I was surprised how much it could tell me about myself and my life's direction. I got some more understanding about myself, my strongest parts, my triggers and my life's purpose, at a deeper level. Receiving a numerology session for me was also more than mental understanding. I felt a shift happening which brought me closer to living my life fully.


Your invaluable help gave me the support I needed and helped me set my mind straight about my particular problem and also gave me unexpected confidence about my life direction in general.


The professional and deeply studied advice strikes me. Although I was happy initially in my house, yet I went in for the consultancy. My life is still great but I liked the prompt and dedicated service of Mr. Sethi.


I was never a firm believer of VastuShastra. Dear Sethi Sahib has not only made me change the way I used to think about Vastu but has also shown direct results in my house as well as offices. His science is accurate and really cost effective with great results.


Sanjay ji, thank you for such a sensitive and insightful reading. I met you at a time of great shifts in my life and your input helped me gain perspective on my path. I now have a better understanding of my life as an expression of universal forces. This has been truly valuable and is a gift that continues to unfold! Love and gratitude.


"I am grateful to Mr. Sethi for his profound service he provided me a year ago and for this I am hereby writing to him. I have seen completely opposite changes at my place after he gave a consultation a year back and since then we are living in our house happily and flourishing with everything.


I really want to thank you immensely for the gemstone you gave, as it has turned out to be more powerful, charming, life-saving, and blissful than I ever could have imagined.


It was a pleasure meeting you. I would also like to thank you for your valuable advice and guidance on some vastu changes that you suggested to make to my residence. While me and my family encountered difficulties with both professional & personal lives, the vastu changes seemed to make things look positive.


I have been consulting Mr.Sethi not only on astrological aspects for wearing Rudraksha but also consult him on other aspects like gems stones and vastu related issues, I find his honest and practical approach very commendable.


Thank you again Mr.Sethi for your wonderful work. I noticed a difference the same evening. Everyone in the household slept noticeably better after your work and we continue to feel more peaceful and centered every day. It almost feels as if some stress that was always present is just gone! Even our pets are calmer!


I was looking for help in making the monumental decisions I was trying to come to grips with. The results from my reading with Sanjay Sethi gave me amazing clarity about my whole life path and also the tools to make concrete decisions from that point forward. I am eternally grateful for this session and Sanjay's true mastership.


Sanjay's reading came at a crucial time for me and I'm so grateful it did. Sanjay is able to funnel huge arrays of wisdom in through the numerological methods he uses. His practical advice then integrates fluidly with the deeper, timeless truths that come across.

Anu Malik

Sanjay Ji is a great astrologer and Numerologist. His readings are so in-depth and comprehensive. They always give me a wealth of information to process and reflect upon. I still have Analysis report Reading from several years ago in which I go through and recall which always gives me some fresh ideas to utilize from or look at circumstances in a new way. He is phenomenal.

K.L Rahul

Dr. Sanjay Sethi, I think I have told you how valuable your insights are (whether they be found in your daily astrology report or a personalized forecast) – let me tell you again. You're amazing! You have played a major role in my career & profession. Thank you thank you thank you.


I found myself confused in the middle of the life path, and decided to turn to Sanjay Ji for some guidance. I put my trust in him being the right person to show me the way to understand what was there waiting for me. He was professional, compassionate, clear and encouraging.

Mithali Raj

We all need some guidance and encouragement when faced with life's big decisions. Astrology is such a powerful tool and I intuitively trusted Sanjay Ji to look at my horoscope as I knew I could count on his honest account. I was immediately drawn to the analysis report he's given me and whilst after a long discussion it I felt so much better. The reading is detailed, & powerful, It leaves you room to think and encourages you to make that necessary change required into daily life. It certainly touched me deeply and it's a reading I will always remember.

Kiron Kher

Just to say thank you for the session yesterday. I was quite astonished with the accuracy that you were describing my past and my husband and my personality! I am still processing everything. Many thanks again. This was quite a fascinating experience I must say. The messages & guidance (that I really liked as you can imagine) and your kindness are so much appreciated. Warmly,

Anurag Kashyap

Moving again. So very grateful that I consulted with my astrologer friend, Dr. Sanjay as the journey was long and stressful. I have reached out to Sanjay over the past 10 years or so when making big decisions. I consider astrology as an important piece of information to put into my decision-making box. I have learned through the times that if I didn't take the information that the situations did not go well. Now I listen and stay patient as there is great value in Sanjay's words. This is not "fortune telling" but life guidance and it is a science full of solutions.

Chitrangada Singh

Thank you for such a precious 2.5 hours spent together. Very auspicious and powerful. I wanted to express my gratitude for our time together and touching upon some major happenings for me. You really planted some good seeds that are meaningful for me. Thank you. I was so inspired.

Dinesh Karthik

This is seriously the best reading I have ever received in my life. I have had previous astrology readings and nothing compares to the guidance, inspiration, and empathy I received from Dr. Sanjay today. I am totally mind blown with the accuracy of the information I received. This is not your typical astrology reading. Dr. Sanjay is very well-read & highly knowledgeable and he goes the extra mile in ensuring you get everything you need from your life.
I could tell he is very passionate about his work and in making sure his clients leave satisfied. He is also very compassionate and easy to talk to. He explains things well and provides you with practical guidance. I will definitely be consulting with Sanjay again in the future and referring others. I only wish I had booked a reading sooner. Thank you so much, Sanjay Ji !! You are so good at what you do.

Diljit Dosanjh

Working with Sanjay Ji has been absolutely spectacular. He is a very accurate astrologer — to the degree that his readings are exactly the way I've felt all my life but had no idea how to put them into practice.

Mithun Chakraborty

I have had several readings now with Sanjay ji. When I first came to him I was going through a rough few years and was looking for some guidance. It was so reassuring to me to hear that everything was happening exactly as my predictions read. Although I wasn't out of the woods of a difficult period, his guidance that it would last another two years was exactly on the mark. At the end of the two years, everything improved and my work even headed in the direction he had initially seen in my horoscope.

Shruti Hasan

You truly inspired me to work hard, sincerely and be dedicated. It is an honor for me to have a chance to have consulted you. I truly appreciate your caliber and vast knowledge. I credit you for my recent success. Thank you once again for showing me the right path and how one can be a role model. You are a very good mentor. Your attention to detail, great communication skills and ever smiling face & caring attitude made the experience even better than I expected.

Sunidhi Chauhan

Thank you Sanjay ji everything you predicted makes perfect sense to me. Also it's very true, It is late in life that I learned to really love myself. I will be in touch always.

Shikhar Dhawan

In one way or the other, I am indebted to Sanjay Ji, to your support as a friend and an astrologer. I do not know if that is my destiny or not, but your predictions turned into reality. Now I can feel the difference from my past 7 years of life, which indeed you predicted. You always guided me into reality with your helpful nature and that is your magical spell from my perception. Sincerely I pray to the almighty power to take care of you.

Kanika Kapoor

Dear Sanjay Ji, you possess a divine gift of predicting as to what lies ahead. I found solace in what you wrote for me, as I knew that the bad times would not last and sure enough they ended exactly at the time you had predicted. My regret has been that I did not pay heed to your warnings about a complex situation that would arise with my family. Not only are you a super astrologer, you are also a fine & loving human being with a priceless persona that is hard to find in today's world.

Subhash Ghai

I met Sanjay ji at an event and was immediately drawn to his magnetic energy. I had a birthday with him and I still get chills when I play that recording back because of the presence of love in his voice, in addition to his wise assessment of my life's trajectory. He is not only gifted, but is passionate about what he does. Sanjay Ji's reading gave me a thorough understanding of my situations and I'm happy to say that everything he spoke of has come to pass or at present is going on.

Zakir Hussain

I have had chart readings many times over the years, but my reading with Sanjay Sahib was by far one of the most helpful I have ever had. He's intuitive, insightful and thoughtful. He works with real life issues and opportunities. He suggests ways to overcome obstacles, release old patterns and work towards the possibilities that are written in the stars & birth numbers. He generously inspires with ideas that you can apply to your everyday life in a realistic manner. I felt like I not only had an astrological reading, but also a session with a caring & humble guide who is committed to helping others become more of who they are supposed to be.

Firoz Khan

Sanjay is always detailed and wise in his readings. What I most appreciate about him is that no matter what he sees, seemingly positive or negative aspects, are relayed in a pragmatic manner, with the knowing that it's all happening exactly as it should. I have left different from the session feeling positive and so much better and on purpose with that soft reminder.

M.S Dhoni

Sanjay Sir, I would like to thank you for the helpful information that you provided during our meeting last week. Your insights into the field were invaluable and have assisted me in clarifying my career goals.

B. Ramalinga Raju

I want to take a moment to thank you for your support, understanding, help, guidance and encouragement through this difficult time. It is comforting to know that I am surrounded with such caring people. Thank you so much.


There are several points where your problem- tackling skills, positive aura and creativity allow us to easily solve the serious issues that we face. Thank you for your wonderful advice.

Ameesha Patel (Actress)

I want to express my deep appreciation for the support and helping me with my queries & professional advice. I am very grateful to you for taking out the time from your busy schedule and helping me out. Your suggestions, value a lot to me. Without your consultation, I doubt that I would have succeeded in my mission.


I have had a hard year and have taken a few healing sessions that have all been very helpful, but my reading with Sanjay Sir has by far been the most informative. His understanding of the stars and planets and his intuition is like eternally soothing therapy. In just one session, my visualization was freshened up as so much was explained. I am feeling deep sense of peace and wellness.