About Us

Dr. Sanjay Sethi (Gold Medalist) is a renowned Astro-Numerologist, Rudraksha Specialist, Gemologist and Scientific Vastu Expert, has been practicing for the last 33 yrs. He has a clientele from all walks of life and from almost every corner of the world whether from the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia & many countries in the Middle East & Africa.

His clients include Industrialists, Film stars, Politicians, Cricketers and even people who practice astrology and deal in Gemstones & Rudraksh. Vastu consultants also take his advice on some tricky situations & if some difficult & important decisions are to be taken. He has been honored with several awards by various prestigious organizations for his service to the subjects. Dr. Sanjay Sethi is popular among celebrities of India and around the World.

"My mission is to get the people rid of the sin, suffering and pain worldwide. I promote true and committed research so that the authentic services based on the ancient knowledge may be clubbed with modern science along the lines of a real understanding of the therapy and the concerns of the clients".


  • Accurate Numerological characteristic report and predictions for specific questions
  • Regarding your health, wealth, relationship, late marriage, business, finance, job, education, various ailments, foreign travel etc.
  • Most appropriate Name spellings suggested by calculations for effective luck and good fortune.

"The most common issues and problems that bring people to him are related to their career (business/job). Fluctuations in finances, severe relationship problems, serious or even terminal diseases, children's education, late marriage, cases of infidelity, settling abroad etc".

He takes all problems faced by people at par and gives them equal importance as he gets clients from various walks of life.

He is an Astro-Numerologist as he has mastery over both the sciences, he mixes and double checks with both through mathematical calculations. He recommends remedies to the clients as per his study and calculations of their not so favorable numbers, retrograde or debilitated planets as well as specific problems identified through his craft. A lot of thinking and expertise goes into recommending a remedy to a client as the diagnosis (Shafa) or Siddhi which he is bestowed with should be more than 100% so as to be very very effective for assured results.

"He is good with his diagnosis (predictions) and catches the root cause of problems- planetary as well as Numerologically. Once the problem's nature (timing, cause effect) is identified, the task of suggesting remedies becomes simpler.

His profession is highly confidential and a lot of people want to keep it a secret as the most intimate & intriguing problems are being discussed and remedies suggested. Yet, some people are very open about visiting him and they recommend their near and dear ones to consult him if they are in a dilemma or facing a major problem".

"Every event happening in an individual's life is destined, he is no God nor superhuman. He is just good with his craft and mathematical calculations recommending cures which are scientific in nature. Yet for 33 years people have been saying that he creates magic with planets and numbers put together".