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Black magic is one of the prominent sources that can ruin someone’s life through unassertive energies. The people who know Tantrik vidya practice black magic. Evil elements take the help of the Tantrik to destroy the other’s life just because they are jealous or don’t like them. However, no one is big then the creator of this world i.e. God. There are good people also who help people to become free from black magic.

Astrologers help the individual with powerful mantras to remove black magic so that they can have a normal and happy life like before. If you are looking for an experienced astrologer, you are in the right place. Our expert Dr. Sanjay Sethi is a world-famous astrologer. He is a gold medallist and has experience of more than 30 years. You can get in touch with him to resolve your problems through astrology.

Powerful Mantras to Remove Black Magic

Reciting the powerful mantras is the best way to remove the black magic. Through powerful mantras, you can create positivity and stability in life, develop a protection shield, and subvert the negative energy. Powerful mantras are helpful in several situations like

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    • If anyone is planning evil against you
    • You are facing negativity or hostility
    • You feel depressed
    • You feel negative energies are taking over you

    Commonly, astrologers provide the powerful mantras to remove the black magic that belongs to Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, and Goddess Durga. The technique of chanting these powerful mantras may vary according to the situation. Here are the powerful mantras that you can recite to get rid of the black magic

    • Lord Hanuman’s Mantra

    “Om Aing Hring Hanumate Ramdutay Lankavidhvansnay Anjani Garbh Sambhutay Shakini Dakini Dakini Vidhvanssnay Kilikili Bubukaren Vibhishanay Hanumaddevay Om Hring Shring Haung Ha Phat Swaha.”

    • Lord Shiva’ Mantra

    “Nadichaya palikede mangin ubhi, haati mithachi vati, drusth payavar utar ekaya ghoshti”

    • Goddess Durga’s Mantra

    “Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichche Namah”

    Neutralising the effects of black magic is not possible for a normal human being. It requires positive energy as well as knowledge of tantra-mantra, the right technique, timing, etc. Reciting the powerful mantras on your on might not help you to with the effective results. It is advisable to take the advice of a reliable astrologer before you use the powerful mantras to remove black magic. To get the best guidance regarding your problem, you can get in touch with our expert Dr. Sanjay Sethi. Depending on your situation, he would provide the right mantra and technique.

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