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When two individuals fall in love with each other and decide to spend their life together, that marriage is called a love marriage. However, to marry each other, the lovers have to deal with different kinds of problems like caste, religion, parents’ disagreement, etc.


Nowadays, there are hardly any couples who face difficulty in their life. Especially the ones who opt for a love marriage.


If you are trapped in such a situation, astrology can help you out. You can consult our love marriage solution expert Dr. Sanjay Sethi. He is a famous astrologer with 32 years of experience & has a clientage across the world. He can help you with the appropriate love marriage problem solutions.


Common Problems Faced By Couples in Love Marriage


Since ancient times, love marriage has been a serious issue. Many people in our society say that love marriages spoil their culture. It is one of the major reasons why Indian parents do not accept love marriage.


There are hardly any couples who have not faced any problems in their love marriage. Here are some common love marriage problems that couples face before and after love marriage


Problems Before Love Marriage

  • Love fades away
  • The problem in adjusting to the new family
  • Extramarital affair
  • Issues with in-laws
  • Different culture
  • The pressure of responsibilities
  • Lack of Understanding

Along with these factors, there is another major factor that creates problems in love marriage i.e. Manglik Dosha. It is believed that the inappropriate placement of Mars in Kundali can create unfavourable circumstances for marriage. There could be differences, unhappiness, discomfort, and tensions in the life of such persons.


So, whether you are dealing with a lack of money or losing a job, or not being able to find a balance with your partner, the astrology services by Sanjay Sethi can help you.


Types of Love Marriage Problem Solutions

Dr Sanjay Sethi is an experienced Dr. Sanjay Sethi studies the birth chart of both girl/wife and boy/husband and based on that provides remedies. With powerful remedies, you can resolve your problems and lead a happy life.


Here are some common remedies provided by our love marriage solution specialist astrologer to resolve love marriage problems:

  • Lit a Diya and place it in the southwest corner of your home.
  • Girls are advised to put on bangles of green colour throughout Shravan Maas and dress in white clothes on Thursdays. Along with this, girls can also fast for 16 Mondays.
  • Offer a red shawl or dupatta to Maa Durga and pray for the success of love.
  • To win their love, the boys can offer a flute to Lord Krishna at the nearest temple.
  • Chanting the mantra “Om Lakshmi Narayana Namah” in front of Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi from a crystal bead rosary for 3 months is also helpful.
  • Wear gemstones to strengthen the weak planets to attract your partner and bring harmony in relation.
  • Do pooja to get rid of the bad effects of planets (Manglik dosha). Apart from these, there are several other remedies and solutions. To know the right love marriage problem solution for you, it is advisable to get in touch. You can meet & Consult problems with Dr. Sanjay Sethi and get the best solution for your love marriage problem.

Why Dr. Sanjay Sethi is the Best Love Marriage Solution Specialist Astrologer?

There are numerous love marriage specialists in this industry. However, Dr. Sanjay Sethi is an experienced astrologer serving more than 33 years. His clientele includes several renowned cricketers, industrialists, actors, and politicians. All you need to do is book an appointment and discuss your problems. He would provide you with an excellent solution to your problems.