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2020 begins with much excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead in the New Year. As the midnight hour strikes heralding in the New and releasing the old the Moon will be in dreamy Pisces next to Neptune, a signature of imbibing in or connecting with spirits.

This will be a wild year of many ups and downs. Major cycles are a Venus retrograde May through June and a Mars retrograde September to November, solar and lunar eclipses, and Saturn and Jupiter moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. The end of the year Jupiter is with Saturn in Aquarius, an astrological big deal. This is a huge shift in thinking and will impact all aspects of our world, from friendships to career directions for the rest of our lives.

The Saturn Pluto Conjunction January 2020

January 2020 begins with Saturn Pluto conjunction, shattering old ways and realizing the world is changing incredibly fast. One can be caught unaware if not reading the trends and will feel that life as they always knew is no longer exists. Individually we will face our fears and what we have been hiding from ourselves since years. The other side of it should be to leave behind the past in our lives that no longer fits and a perfect time to realize who we are now and who we want to become as an individual. It is important to live up to your personal standards. New cycles are just a chance for a fresh start. With Saturn connecting to Pluto, it goes to the core of something very deep within. This is about to change from a deep cellular level of being far beyond the surface which is perfect to give yourself a  promise or motivation. To get in touch with the magnitude and power that this cycle brings one must go deep within meditation, trance work, or soul retrieval, and shamanic journeys.

Saturn Pluto

Venus Retrograde May 2020

Relationships and finances are challenged in Venus retrograde cycles. Venus is moving retro in Gemini, out of bounds and connected with Neptune by a square. What this means is relationships that are clinging, judgmental, boring, can be in trouble. With Neptune connected, any deception, lies or secrets will be revealed along with the disillusionment that follows. What is good about this Venus retrograde is it is a time to reconnect with friends. Giving others space to be who they are and loving them in spite of their faults is easier. Relationships under this phase can be reconnecting with old lovers or are based on dreams and ideals that can be hard to live up once she moves direct and into the next sign of Cancer.

Financially this can be a “live for today pay for it tomorrow time”. If you are investing or have investments, keep a close eye on them during this retrograde as the business opportunity might not come up what it appears to be on the word or paper that is presented to you.

Venus Retrograde

Mars Retrograde September 2020

Mars retrograde from September 9th until November 9th until November 13th is especially troublesome as Mars will be very strong in its sign of rulership in Aries. On one hand, it is excellent to surge ahead towards a goal that needs courage and headstrong determination, on the other hand, the problematic bully at your workplace or in your neighborhood is especially obnoxious. Those of us in the USA will get our fill of name-calling and bullying as it is leading up to the presidential election in November.

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