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Unlucky Numbers According to Numerology In 2020 | Marriage Life

Unlucky Numbers According to Numerology In 2020 | Marriage Life

It’s an old saying that “Marriages are made in heaven ” and couples have their own destiny which moves parallel in the entire life journey. A successful marriage life depends on the compatibility of Lovers/Life Partners. In Hindu tradition, numerology and astrology they have their own importance to drive successful results, where numerology matching for marriage is quite significant. While preparing the chart of love compatibility and predicting the relationship between the pairs we use the date of birth of the girl and the boy. In order to make your love life a great one, the top astrologer and numerologist can tell the great possibilities for you by using all sorts of approaches to marriage numerology.

Today, we find ourselves in the era of future predictions where we see our horoscopes for daily, weekly and yearly status. With the help of different types of approaches and methodologies, a numerologist can check all the future predictions and everything about you. Numerology uses numbers which have high and low vibration / positive and negative strengths. While calculating your personality traits, career, habits, and everything about you, your date of birth will be very important. Numerology can drive fruitful results in married life.

Numerology is indicating that the year 2020 has a few significant changes in several matters, while the digits of 2020 when added will produce the result 4, which is the number of Rahu. And on this basis, a native of root number 4 will experience the momentous changes in their life, whether it’s in love matters, marriage or something else. It will be a good year for the native of number 4.

Marriage Compatibility as per Numerology 

Numerology plays a vital role in calculating every aspect of your life, either it’s a career, personality, or love relationship. Numerology for marriage is quite important before getting into a marital relationship. Using the life path numbers numerologist can calculate the scale of the relationship between the partners. The compatibility, strength in love matters, and other related factors should be calculated by using numerology for marriage partners.

Let’s have an example:-

*** Very Good Number Compatibility : 2-2, 2-6, 2-9 | 3-6, 3-9 | 4-4, 4-6 | 6-6, 6-9 | 7-7, 7-9 | 9-9

** Good  Number Compatibility : 1-2, 1-3, 1-6, 1-7, 1-9 | 2-4, 2-7 | 3-5| 4-7, 4-8, 4-9 | 7-6 | 8-6

* Ok  Number Compatibility: 1-1, 1-8 | 2-3, 2-8 | 3-4, 3-7 | 4-5| 5-6, 5-7, 5-8, 5-9 | 6-7, 6-8 | 7-8 | 8-8, 8-9

Conflicting Number Compatibility: 1-4, 1-5 | 2-5 | 3-3, 3-8 | 5-5

Marriage numerology reveals the facts about fun, energy,  and willingness to experiment in lovemaking. And it ensures how much the partners will put their effort to make the relationship smooth. Moreover, numerology for a marriage partner can be helpful in love, in solving the problems and will lead to a Happy Marriage life.

Unlucky Numerology Numbers in  2020 

Before going into the detailed information, we should know that each and every number has its own significance, which has a great impact in our daily life. Some numbers are lucky for one, whereas some are not very lucky, it all depends upon the different factors. Let’s briefly discuss a general perspective of numerology compatibility for marriage, it will help in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of couples.

Psychic Number – 1

Will provide a sense of competitiveness, and at the same time if the husband has number 1 and wife of 3 then their collaboration would be amazing. Then there will be no dispute. Moreover, there are few combinations in numerology for marriage partners’ compatibility in general.

#1 compatible to 3 5 7 9 – toxic/ to 4 6 8

#2 compatible to 2 4 6 7 8 – toxic to 5 and 9

#3 compatible to 1 3 5 6 9 – toxic to 4 7 8

#4 compatible to 2 4 6 7 – toxic to 1 3 5 9

#5 compatible to 1 3 7 9 – toxic to 2 4 6

#6 compatible to 2 3 4 9 – toxic to 1 5 7 8

#7 compatible to 2 4 7 – toxic to 3 6 8 9

#8 compatible to 2 4 6 – toxic to 7 8 9

#9 compatible to 5 6 9 1 3 – toxic to 4 7 8

Now let’s briefly discuss the compatibility, love and other things in numerology for the year 2020.

 Psychic Number- 2

The year 2020 will be more crucial or can say very bad for natives born under the root number 2, as this will prompt the change in life. In the year 2020, you may suffer from the sentiments and can move towards the practicality, and can get out of the imagination. You will have to face new realities and facts of life as per the prediction. You can take advice for the best solution from an expert in numerology matching for marriage.

 Psychic Number – 3

This year 2020, may bring some sort of failure and depression in the life of native with root number 3. You will have to face several challenges with your courage. You will have to pay attention to your work, marital life and other areas of your life Positively. Where Smart work will be appreciable to make your life easier and simple. In case of competitive exam preparation, you will have to work harder than the normal scenario. It’s recommended that you should take care of your love life as it may suffer from the challenges and may bring to lose trust in you. Therefore don’t be careless about your love life,  be responsible and loyal towards your lover. 

Psychic Number – 8

Numerology horoscope 2020 will be a little bit difficult where the native of root number 8 will have to face challenges of life in every sphere including love and career. But the ability to stand firm in challenging situations may bring good results, you will have to face a few difficulties in the workplace but your ability can bring good results.

However, Your love life will be good and harmony will be on zenith in marital life, health issues may bring some sorts of mental stress which may bring hurdles in your life. But you should take care of everything. If you are going to be in a relationship, then it would be better to understand the feelings of your partner which will make your life more simple and better.

Why is marriage compatibility important?

Marriage numerology can drive good results if you use the same without avoiding the facts and consultation provided by a numerologist. We know that numerology is based on the concept of numbers in the universe and may influence the human’s life. If two people are going to be in the relationship then their inner energy conflicts or added to bring the changes. So, it would be better to find out the energy and compatibility between two partners. Since a long time, marriage with a numerology compatibility provided good results and has shown a clear path to move forward in life.

Expert Advice for Marriage Life Based on Numerology

Numerology for marriage has the ability to explain a love relationship between a boy and a girl where the numerologist can calculate everything by the help of date of birth. We understand that marriage life may suffer a lot if the proper match does not meet, therefore we should take some expert advice from famous astrologers to balance our love life. We’ve great expertise in marriage compatibility in numerology and astrology.

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