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Basic Numerology- Calculate Your Life Path and  Destiny Numbers

Basic Numerology- Calculate Your Life Path and Destiny Numbers

Have you ever heard of Numerology? Do you always notice  that few numbers impact your life to a great extent? Have you ever thought about these numbers, how these are playing with your life ? If not,  don’t worry today we’ll explain about numerology terms in brief that will be really helpful to vanish all your dilemma. In fact, Numerology deals with number games – which influence your habits, nature, life and its goals,  and everything. 

Numerology can explore and uncover the hidden facts of your life by using different ways, methods or approaches. Where you can get information and insights by using these numbers which are connected with your birth. Since beginning, mid, and end everything is number ! By the practice of numerology, we can understand everything by checking the numerical patterns. Numerology calculator helps to calculate Personality, Destiny And Soul No, whereas life path calculator allows you to get your life path number. Which is really awesome and helpful to predict everything about you.

What is Life Path Number?

Let’s go through the life path number which is most vital indicator of your life predictions. And it falls under the category of most easy numerology number to calculate. Life path number is just more than a personality type,  after correct prediction and analysis this can reflect many things such as certain aptitudes and character tendencies. In numerology report, life path number can be good to identify skills and abilities, and negative traits. Moreover, it can explore the nature of journey throughout life.

How to calculate the life path number ?

It’s very easy to calculate the life path number by the help of life path calculator or manual calculations, where you have to follow the simple addition process. For example suppose your date of birth is 25th July 1995. Then to calculate life path number, just follow the simple steps.

  1. In the very beginning you have to first convert all your number to a single-digit number- and get a master number.

Life Path Number :-   Month: July is 07th month of the year and it will be reduced to 7

                                  Year:  1995 (1+9+9+5=24) and further 24(2+4= 6) and finally it will be reduced to 6

                                  Day: 25th (2+5=7)  further it will be reduced to 7

Now add the resulting single-digit numerology numbers: 7+6+7 = 20= 0+2= 2

We cannot further break down 11 & 22 because these are the master numbers. These are the Life Path Numbers : – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 or 22.

If you go into the deep dive you’ll find every number has its own significance, from 1 to 9 and 11 to 22,  every number plays a vital role in predicting the future. These numbers are the basic building blocks of numerology. Numerology is not a new concept, since ancient times people are practicing different sets of numerology to evaluate personality traits – strengths, shortcomings, and quirks. It’s being used to determine the hidden meaning of cosmic plan. Few of the following numerology are of Abjad numerals in Arabic, the Hebrew numerals, Armenian numerals, and Greek numerals.

Destiny Number:- It’s also similar to life path number which is the sum of date of birth numbers, and therefore varies from person to person. Sometimes referred as “lucky number”. By the help of name alphabet it can be calculated with corresponding numerals. E.g A=1 , B=2,… Z=26. Destiny number calculator can make it easy to calculate the destiny number.

Let’s have a close look over different theory belief associated with numerology numbers

One:- It’s the basic or the root number, where it acts like a primal force and ignites the spirituality inside the native. With all, it’s considered as the aggressive and energetic, and make you more result-oriented. It also provokes the passion and dedication to achieve your aim. It put leadership quality in the native.

Two:- The native of this number is consistently underestimated, even possessing enough power and strength. They are loyal, gentle, understanding and diplomatic kind of personality. Also, they always involved in peacekeeping, and try to avoid fights. Most of the time, by their intellect they can control the events, They are also known for revenge, they do extreme to destroy their enemy. Two’s are incredible devotee and expect the same devotion from their partners.

Three:- Threes possess the quality of sales, they are considered as the born salesman having amazing sort of quality and talent. They are disorganised, ungrateful, and extroverted kind of personality. However, every time they need extra effort and guidance for successful accomplishment of their goals. They are optimistic and possess the positive energy within them.

Four:- Fours native are logical and ordered personality, where they also have stability. They do the hard work and have a faith to overcome any sort of problem. They are trustworthy people having immense patient and potential to accomplish the tedious tasks.

Five:- Every time fives need stimulation even though they have extreme energy. They are selfish, irresponsible, and they’re smart, adaptable, and progressive. They are also eccentric, and unstable kind of people.

Six:- They are caregiver and protective. They can spend their valuable time of their life in fixing problems of those around him.  Even though they are stable kind of personality but could be more volatile and destructive.

Seven:- The curiosity is the integral part of sevens, and they also possess enormous power to handle the challenges. They have the ability to refine the result from complex situations. However, they are perfect blend of intellectual creativity and logics. They have the potential to analyze and learn, and they like to work alone with privacy.

Eight:- Eights native put their whole on the career, business and in money matters, They are also the spiritual kind of personality and always keep balance in lifestyle. They have great potential of success.

Nine:- Nines are also one of the amazing personalities, so-called humanitarians. They are full of life and enjoy every moment of their life.

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