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A Complete Guide And Importance of Ketu in Vedic Astrology

A Complete Guide And Importance of Ketu in Vedic Astrology

Ketu is one of the most influential planets in Vedic astrology known as Karaka of Moksha. It’s a headless, half planet which is considered as the shadow planet. However, it has another identity of descending node of the Moon. In a good position this cause of spiritualism, enlightenment, and frees native from the worldly desires. But it would be wrong to judge that it only works in positive mode, sometimes produces the negative effects also. And shows the malefic behaviour. Ketu planet characteristics reveal the fact that it is the only planet having two faces of a coin. OR can say it shows both positive and negative effects in the life of the native. Therefore Ketu is taken as the most impactful planet in the horoscope.

After the in-depth analysis of Ketu Graha Effects, we find that it’s responsible for moksha, sannyasa, gyana, restlessness, and self-realization. The person who is influenced by Ketu can achieve the paramount in spiritualism.

If we talk about Ketu, we can say that it brings material prosperity, and pushes native towards immense success and growth. If it’s under the negative shade that it could be devastating and can destroy anything that native has created. Vedic astrology predictions point-out the impact of Ketu in your life.

In Vedic astrology, there are 9  different kinds of planets: 

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Jupiter
  • Rahu (Uranus)
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Ketu (Neptune)
  • Saturn
  • Mars

However, A question that comes to mind – Do the planets really affect the life of a person even if they are millions of miles away from the earth? The answer is hidden inside the theories and prediction by the world’s renowned astrologers and in ancient astrology. The best astrologers can predict the accurate results by the use of concepts of Vedic astrology

All planets in the solar system have predefined patterns where they govern a lot about our life and dictate every action of life. As per ancient astrology literature, our body consists of both tangible and intangible forms of energy. And in a spiritual context, it contains both physical and nonphysical matter.

Planets have their own impact, and according to astrology cosmic forces influence our thought process and transform it into action.

Here it’s worth noting that all seven planets including Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter have physical existence while Rahu and Ketu don’t. Sun and Moon are recognized for their luminosity as they emit lights. Meanwhile, Saturn and Jupiter are known for their speeds as they are slow-moving planets. The astrologers construct the natal chart, they find that every planet has its own role, and represent the specific source of energy.

How Would you Know the Impact of Ketu

As we have seen that Ketu planet characteristics which show how it works in duality- both in positive and negative ways. In a positive way, it’s auspicious and can elevate native to highest spirituality, on the other side in a negative way it can play a vital role in a negative direction.

As Ketu is another powerful planet in the Vedic astrology predictions, therefore, it’s good to know how it influences you. We cannot ignore the role of Ketu in astrology.  In different houses, and with the combination of different planets it can leave various levels of impact on natives. You will feel somehow different levels of change in your life where this can downgrade to a large extent or begin.  Let’s take a simple examples of the negative shadow of Ketu

  • Your well wisher or best has stabbed back on you.
  • Someone has taken advantage of your simplicity.
  • If the presence of someone makes you uncomfortable even if he/she does not have anything or done nothing wrong with you.
  • If your mental health is not under the control of you, and you feel somehow different kind of behaviour even knowing the fact.
  • Cats scare or repel or attract
  • Any particular color repels or attracts  you or comes as a sense of loss.

In case of bad impact, it can make native a wandering, confused or mindless type of person even in general he might bear intelligence. Somehow it can bring complete detachment in the native’s life. 

Results of Effects of Ketu

The intensity of Ketu can be from soft to severe, where it may cause loss of the entire business, the sudden shift of powers, public humiliation without any valid reasons, caught in the trap, daydreaming, loss of love without any valid reason. Moreover, there are many more things that are influenced by Ketu.

Let’s brief the ketu graha effects and Importance of ketu.

  • If your toes break or fall frequently then it’s the sign the ketu is inauspicious.
  • It gives you lots of suffering and pain, and a person lives a life which is full of stress.
  • Financial loss and business loss is common.
  • It might be possible that there is loss of paternal property 
  • By the negative effect of Ketu, a person can suffer from the diseases of urinary tract infections or joint pains.
  • Even doing hard work, or handling the pressure a person leads to failure.
  • Sometimes it can impact the change of appearance.
  • A person with authority, sometimes misuses his powers and tends to humiliate the subordinates.
  • Bone and spinal cord related injuries and diseases become more frequent.

How to Diminish The effect of Ketu

A person does not only suffer from his mistakes in this birth but also of previous birth mistakes define destiny. Ketu in different houses along with different sets of planets produces amazing consequences. Therefore, it would be better to find the remedy of Ketu’s effects. Best astrologers in the world can suggest to you the best possible solutions to calm down the Ketu.

In this context native, who is suffering from the negative effects of Ketu should donate the white and black coloured blanket to the needy person or in the temple. Moreover, wearing a silver ring or white thread in both thumbs of the feet can produce fruitful results to calm down the Ketu.

Dr. Sanjay Sethi Can Do Wonders for You

We know the importance of Ketu in astrology but sometimes overlook it. If you’re feeling that you’re suffering in your life and consistently degrading then it might be because of Ketu. Dr. Sanajy Sethi is the World’s No.1 Astro-Numerologist, Gemologist, Rudraksha Consultant & Scientific Vastu expert in Gurgaon, India. He can provide you with a great solution to calm down the negative impact of Ketu in your life. He has expertise in Vedic astrology predictions. Please feel free for consultation and advice for any problem in your life.

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