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How Numerology can help you to Find Best Career in 2020 – Numerology Prediction

How Numerology can help you to Find Best Career in 2020 – Numerology Prediction

Numerology has a great significance in our lives, where it can tell us about the various aspects of life such as success, health, relationship, and personal growth. Numerology for career prediction is worthy,  where it can explore what you should learn, what you should prepare and where you should apply. Dr. Sanjay Sethi is well-recognized for his career consultation by the use of astrology and numerology. He’s an award-winning & best Astro- Numerologist in Delhi/NCR, who can prevent career downfall.

We are living in an era of opportunity & growth where career means the part of life which is concerned with employment. Most of the time we think of our career growth and strive to explore excellent opportunities. Since our childhood, we do certain things where our parents and guardians guide us to make a good career. They push us to learn better with valuable education and make us aware of the different career options such as management, engineering, medical, accountancy, business, law, civil services or anything else.

In the context of a career’s explanation, there may be one or multiple jobs. Where we can work for one company or many. Meanwhile, in this period of time, we achieve the following including education, training and work experience. It’s a kind of “metaphorical journey” of an individual. Let’s see the best career path with numerology.

Secret of Life Path Numbers

In Numerology, there are various types of numbers including life path number and destiny number. Each and every number has its own significance, where it can tell us about the personality, goals, and other aspects of life. Numerology career prediction becomes easy with the help of life path numbers.

Single-digit numbers from 1 to 9 have their own significance showing most of the aspects including personality, strength, and weakness. These numbers are the key foundation of numerology. Therefore, it would be better to understand the science of numbers using the proven methods of numerology.

Life path number is derived from the Date of Birth of Native, where it has great potential to explain everything. After calculating the life path number we can find the way of peace and happiness by balancing these numbers. This number might be a game-changer of your downfall career path. Moreover, under the guidance of the best numerologist, you can move ahead with new aspirations.

 Career Number Calculator

With the help of a career number calculator, you can find the perfect career path. By the use of date of birth, you can calculate the life path number which is quite important to explore the career in Numerology.

Life path career number calculator will calculate every number by using simple mathematical calculations.

Best Career path with Numerology For Different Numbers

If you feel uncertain in regard to your career, then you should take advice from a numerologist. They can tell you the best remedy, solution and many more things about different career paths. Life path numbers can play a vital role in describing the good for you. Best numerologist in Delhi or any part of the world goes through the life path numbers before making any predictions in regards to career.

Let’s see numerology career prediction using the life path numbers

Life Path Number 1

The native of life path number 1 has the potential to function independently with authority. As a leader, they can manage a good team and will do much better. Sometimes it becomes hard for them to compromise with the situations. They are recognised for their higher achievements in life, and people often look to them for guidance.

Moreover, you have a good ability to become a leader, therefore you should opt as an Entrepreneur.

Life Path Number 2

You have amazing potential to see in both sides of coins without any bias, and can interact socially with others. You’re good at listening to people’s life stories and can solve any dispute without any hassle.

You should make your career in diplomacy dominating the field including lawyer, teacher, counselor, doctor, minister, politician. The social skill set will make you choose the field of social work as well.

Life Path Number 3

You are the person who has the capacity of a natural artist and is full of creativity. You possess a high energy level with excellent social skills sets. 

You must adopt a career where you can entertain others, however it might be good to go with travel and open communication and interaction with diverse cultures. If you feel like expressing your beliefs then it’s great. 

The choice of career path will be an artistic, comedian, theatre, etc. Alternatively, you can opt for the fields of advertisement and journalism.

Life Path Number 4

The native of life path number 4 has outstanding organization skills, and they are quite disciplined and sensible.

It would be good to make your career in the field of the financial planner, engineer, industrialist, and efficiency experts. The ability of organization skills can make you a good project manager. Moreover, if you become self-disciplined then you can achieve a good position as accountant and lab technician.

Life Path Number 5

The native of life path number 5 has amazing potential of persuasive skills, and also they’ve great communication skills. If not you can develop the same.

Your passion for travel and coupled with your desire to live life with full zeal and enthusiasm will allow you to make your career in advertising, radio, public relation and marketing.

Life Path Number 6

The native of number 6 believes in peace, harmony, and unity. They have excellent potential to do service as they have great compassion and desire to do so. And this pushes them to do good deeds in their life. They are often involved in the field of teaching. 

Meanwhile, understanding the latest trend and selection of beautiful goods and articles can make you good in nurse, counselor, pediatrician, and attorney.

Understanding trends make you good to opt for the fashion industry, graphic design, interior decoration. Here it’s worth noting as you are one of the personalities of having passion then you can work for the charitable organization, an NGO or social work.

Life Path Number 7

You are a deep thinker with excellent problem-solving skills. You analyze things precisely, and also have natural healing ability to a great extent. You are always involved in handling the situation and the ability to listen to people’s problems. The native of 7 can make their career in the field of numerologist, researchers, psychic, detective, social worker etc.

Life Path Number 8

Number 8’s natives are extremely ambitious and authoritative. They can try in the field of business. However, there are other options available for them including –  banking, finance, law, accounts, pharmacy, medicine, stock trading or surgery. 

Life Path Number 9

You have an excellent piece of healing nature along with artistic and creativity. Social work field is the better option for you as you have an amazing capacity to care for others.You keep humanity on the top priority. You’re a born volunteer. 

The careers that fit you are writer, human resource, social work, civil rights activist, musician, painter, and legal researcher.

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