Lucky Colour for All Zodiac Signs in 2023

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Colours play a crucial role in our lives. We are emotional beings; hence, different colours have different impacts on our thinking, psychology and mood. Colours make the world more attractive and intriguing.

Different colours also promote good energy in our surroundings. According to astrology, using the right colours suitable for different zodiac signs help increase positive energy, and lower negative vibes.

Each colour holds a different meaning according to Numerology. For example, red symbolises leadership and yellow denotes communication.

You can also book an online astrology consultation with an expert to understand the hues lucky for you.

The lucky colours of 2023 for each zodiac sign can be used in clothing, decoration, hair colour, nails or in home or business furnishing. Let us look into the auspicious colours that will work out for your zodiac sign in 2023.

Lucky Colors for Each Zodiac Sign

1. Aries Lucky Color - Red

The lucky color of aries is Red. This colour signifies vitality, purity and ferocity that define your personality. The colours white and yellow are also considered to be lucky for you, along with the blazing red colour.

On the other hand, Aries natives should avoid wearing colours including black, blue, and green as these colours oppose Mars hues.


2. Taurus Lucky Color - White

The two colours that Taurus perceives as the most fortunate are white and pink. Since it is ruled by Venus, and its metaphorical element is Earth, Taurus people can also find the green colour to be energising them.

Astrologers particularly advise Taurus to buy more things or wear clothes of colours white and pink on occasion or at the beginning of the new year if they want the year to be fortunate in terms of good luck, money and love.

While yellow is said to be the lucky colour for Taurus, red is considered to be the colour that Taurus natives should stay away from. It can make them angry or violent. You can consult a famous astrologer in India to understand why you should avoid these colours.


3. Gemini Lucky Color - Yellow

The popular lucky colour for Gemini is yellow. But green is also considered favourable for this sign. These colours symbolise success and happiness.

As the governing planet of Gemini is Mercury, the colours pink and white are also said to be lucky for them. You may also attract luck and be more attractive and radiant by wearing green clothes and accessories.


4. Cancer Lucky Color- White

For Cancer Natives, colours like white, crimson, gold, silver and lemon yellow might work right. These colours are known to be extremely lucky for Cancerians.

The governing star of Cancer is the Moon and anyone born under this constellation may attract good vibes from these hues.

In 2023, Cancer natives should expect good luck and joy. Your lucky colours will bring you confidence and more power. These colours are soft and have an encouraging effect.

Being surrounded by these colours will help you attract the energies that you currently lack. These will be lucky for you in your missions. You should avoid darker colours like black.


5. Leo Lucky Color - Yellow

Leos can choose hues like yellow, pure red and orange to attract professional growth and self-assurance.

Leo is governed by the sun and hence these people can become more self-assured and bright when the sun and these hues are combined. 

Considering that sun is your governing star, and it affects your sign, the colours like royal purple, fiery orange and gold reflect your bold nature.

On the other hand, Leos should avoid dark colours or grey colour this year. These colours will make Leos combine with the background, attract bad fortune and will block the way of beneficial energy from them.


6. Virgo Lucky Color - Blue

According to the 2023 horoscope, blue is the lucky color for Virgo. Color like light yellow, and green are also lucky. All these colors may attract success in both personal and professional life. It is quite clear why Virgo matches the colours mentioned above and yet stands out in the crew.

Additionally, the colour boosts Virgo’s interpersonal and communication skills. This will help them become less rigorous and critical than before. As a result, Virgo is predicted to attract more fruitful partnerships this year.

However, Virgo natives should avoid wearing red as their governing star is Mercury. Red colour can interrupt and block all of your aims and objectives set for this year, making it difficult for you to achieve anything.


7. Libra Lucky Color - Orange

People born under the sign of Libra should choose colours like orange. Another lucky color for Libra is orange. These colours complement the governing star of Libra, which is Venus. In 2023, you will find yourself happier and more at peace while spending time at home.

Additionally, paying attention to your spiritual needs will make you help have a clear understanding while dealing with challenging situations.

Although bright colours are the most preferable and positive for Libra, the colour light blue should also work well for them. While these colours are considered lucky for you, choose to avoid orange and white.


8. Scorpio Lucky Color - Red

Scorpio natives are short-tempered but are essentially generous and kind by heart. They can be stubborn and overbearing at times, and thoughtful and emotional at others.

According to horoscopes, those born under the Scorpio star sign will find great fortune in 2023 if they wear the colours red, white, or orange.

It helps you adjust to the finer points of life and the helpful people around you. It is believed that people born under the Scorpio star sign look their best in these colours. 


9. Saggitarius Lucky Color - Dark Yellow

In 2023, Sagittarius should wear a shade of dark yellow or orange-yellow. Since Jupiter rules Capricorn, green is also considered a lucky colour for those born under this sign.

Since Sagittarius is a sign full of hope, enthusiasm, and a zest for living, the colour blue is a natural fit for them.

If you want to add beauty to your life and wear happiness and good fortune, this is the colour for you. A Sagittarius’s unflinching optimism is one of its greatest strengths, but when it’s misplaced, it can lead them astray.


10. Capricorn Lucky Color

People born under the Capricorn sun sign should wear energising colours like black and purple. This is due to the fact that Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, looks fantastic when combined with these colours.

As an added bonus, black can also turn out to be a lucky colour for Capricorn. They can expect to feel more relaxed and patient after exposing themselves to the colour black.

You should avoid wearing either yellow or red. The year 2023 will be a difficult one for Capricorn, so you’ll need to proceed with caution.


11. Aquarius Lucky Color - Blue

Compassion and love do not only act as strengths to Aquarius natives. Some people might also take these qualities of Aquarius natives for granted.

The actual strengths these people carry are determination, strong-headedness, intuition, intelligence and intellect. The lucky colour of Aquarius makes these qualities even stronger.

The lucky colour for the power of Aquarius is blue, while light blue acts as the lucky colour for their spirits. Colours like purple and light blue attract luck and success in their life.


12. Pisces Lucky Color - Orange

Since the ruling star of the sign is Jupiter, they should choose colours including orange and yellow.

Another lucky colour for Pisces is pink as it pushes you towards betterment in your relationships and business.

You can attract more fortune by pairing yellow with girly pink. On the other hand, you should avoid dark colours, especially black to avoid bad luck.



Different colours have different meanings and they work in different ways for each zodiac sign. It is because all zodiac signs have their governing star. Choose colours that compliment your zodiac’s governing star. To attract good fortune, read your lucky colours mentioned in this article and surround yourself with the suggested hues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the good luck colour for 2023?

All zodiac signs have different lucky colours for 2023. Most signs will find bright colours like yellow and orange to be their lucky colours. While others may find the same colours to be unfortunate for them. Read this article to know your lucky colour. You can also contact an astrologist to know the colours that should work for you.

2. What are the zodiac signs’ lucky colours?

Colours play a crucial role in our lives. According to astrology, using the right colours suitable for different zodiac signs help increase positive energy, and lower negative vibes. The lucky colours of 2023 for each zodiac sign can be used in clothing, decoration, hair colour, nails or furnish the home or business.

3. Which colour is lucky for Sagittarius?

Sagittarius should choose colours like orange-yellow or dark yellow in 2023. You can also choose green as your sign’s ruling planet is Jupiter. Blue is also a colour that can bring you optimism, but being overly optimistic may make you believe in the wrong things.

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