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Explore the Basics of Numerology

Explore the Basics of Numerology

Let’s explore the basics fundamentals of Numerology. Before knowing the basics of numerology, there are some questions for every one of you.

Have you ever felt that most of the time when you see the watch you always found the same number as – 11:11 or 12:12 or something with a similar pattern. 


Have you ever experienced that some years of your life are so amazing and some years are filled with a lot of struggles? 


Did you find that? Why some people always use some similar number in every aspect of their life, Like – you’ll find the same number on their car number plates or house number or laptop passwords.

Then answer behind all that reason is Numerology. Numerology is an ancient science based on numbers and these numbers directly impact our day to day life. Every number has some value and significance and create some vibrations. Some of these vibrations are positive in nature and some of them are negative in nature.

These types of single-digit numbers relate to letters and through which we can identify the characteristics and qualities of a particular personality. In other words, we can say where the number relates to letters is generally known as Pythagoras Numerology.


In most of the western countries, we used Modern Numerology that was developed by Pythagoras. This is also called modern western Numerology. Pythagoras was a great philosopher, who believed that everything in the universe can be explained with numbers. He contributed that there’s a relationship of alphabet or letters with respect to numbers and with the help of which we can identify the individual’s personality and can calculate their whole life path number.


There are a total of 11 vibrations from 1 to 9 and 11 to 22, each comprises different characteristics and their qualities. According to these numbers, astrologers predict the fate of individuals.

Now Let’s understand, how can you calculate these numbers and predict your future. There are many advantages a person can have by knowing their lucky number. These numbers will help you to work on your strengths and also reveals the cause of your weakness and how to overcome that.

Learn How To Calculate Your Life Path Number 


Your life path number plays a pivotal role in a Numerology reading, in most of the cases you’ll find the numbers in single-digit numerals, but there are some master numbers that are in double digits, i.e – 11&22.  With the help of this simple chart, you’ll learn how to calculate life path number and will easily find the number that defines your future. 

Just follow these 4 simple (Step-by-Step) guide and you’ll be able to calculate your life path number on your own.

This is how you can easily calculate your life path number

Now the question in your mind will come what these number reveals about you and your personality. So, find the small glimpse that we are giving from our Numerology research and records on these numbers. 

Life Path Number 1 :

Authoritative, extrovert, helpful to friends & brutal to enemies.

Life Path Number 2 

Your imaginative nature makes you inventive but lack of determination and cannot execute your ideas forcefully.

Life Path Number 3

You are independent, bold, active, and hard-working, dependable, popular, disciplined, self-confident & ambitious.

Life Path Number 4

You are dynamic in nature, low in vibration, hedonistic, and eternally dissatisfied. It makes you lazy, lethargic. Dull, illogical & pleasure-seeking.

Life Path Number 5

You have a fragile character & an elevated thinker.

Life Path Number 6

You’re magnetic, youthful, soft-spoken & luxury-loving.

Life Path Number 7

You are truly spiritual & religious, kind-hearted, social, romantic, sentimental & noble soul.

Life Path Number 8

You are confident and determined. It is also a number of mystery- you are mostly misunderstood, even by your closest friends and relatives.

Life Path Number 9

Hard worker, love hardships, you are full of enthusiasm and inspiration and are always in a hurry to achieve your desired object.

I hope you all get to know that why numerology is very important in our lives and how it can influence our day-to-day life. Are you curious to know about your numerology? And want to transform your life. Then Book your appointment with Dr. Sanjay Sethi – ( Best Numerologist In Gurgaon).

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