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What Are The 9 Planets In Vedic Astrology

What Are The 9 Planets In Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic Astrology there are nine fundamental planets which play a vital role to influence the life of the people. These include Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Apart from these planets, vedic astrology reveals about the five non luminous planets. 

Despite the evolution and accretion growth of science and technology, it has been observed that astrology emphasises the effect of the planets.  Vedic astrology can explain the how planets influence the lives of the people.

We generally encounter the terms kundli, horoscope where the astrologers tell us about the planets, and their position in respective houses. Meanwhile the strength, and weakness of the planets also matters.  These planets have their own significance that can impact the life of native, in terms of relationship, family, health, financial conditions etc.

As per the astrology, each and every planet influences various parts of life by their own energy. Broadly they are categories into three different categories: personal planet, social planet, and collective planets.  Moreover, vedic astrology planets in signs offer different sets of results. And the native of different signs get various influences in their life.

Let’s understand these nine powerful celestial bodies in details.

A Brief Intro: 9 Planets in Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology reveals the perfect position of the planet and tells us the reason behind all actions in your life. By analysis of planetary positions  in the Birth Chart, the best astrologers can tell about their impact and causes. Let’s understand a brief about the Planets in Vedic Astrology.

  • Sun

In Vedas, the Sun is called the soul of the world. Where in today’s context sun is known as the life on this earth. However, it has another significance, as it represents the Self. On the various levels of intensity, it represents both ego and soul purpose. In a broader sense nothing on this planet can exist directly or indirectly with the Sun. The power of the sun is tangible.

It’s one of the dominant planets in the Vedic Astrology and in planet chart, which can build the foundation of strong will and sense of vitality. Sun gives birth to power, position and authority. In context of planet power in astrology, the sun is the most powerful one to make a person successful and reach to zenith.

  • Moon

Like the sun, the moon also plays a significant role in astrology and predicting the future of peoples. A positive moon represents the happiness, zeal and peace of mind in the life of native. Basically it connects with the emotions and feelings of humans.

Moon is considered as the “Queen of Solar System”, and works as a natural benefic where it can provide great mental ability and prosperity. However, prosperity is connected with the perfect combination of the moon and Jupiter. In another term, water is the element of the moon.

  • Jupiter

Jupiter also has an amazing impact on the native’s life where it plays a vital role in making the person commanding, wise, spiritual, and rich. It’s considered as one of the influential planets which can drive a person to the path of spirituality.

It’s also known as the Guru or Brihaspati. Where Jupiter has its own significance in birth chart and inimical to planet Venus.

  • Mercury

Mercury has its own influence where it can make a person writer, artist and astrologer. It helps in success in exams, providing an amazing sense of humour and growth in business.

A positive or auspicious Mercury can elevate a person to the next height of success and growth. Moreover, a person becomes well-behaved and intelligent.

It rules the third house of chart, and becomes more auspicious in the first house. Where it’s very helpful in maintaining day-to-day expression and relationships. It has an amazing impact as it works malefic with malefic planets and beneficial with benefice planets.

  • Venus

In the context of marriage, clothes and luxury, venus has their own importance in vedic astrology. The position of venus in the kundli of groom and bride can represent the marital life and also the love bonding between them.

Moreover, it represents the values, relationship with finances, and all sorts of materialistic possessions.  All about it’s the planet of pleasure. Venus becomes idle after achieving its goals.

  • Saturn

Saturn is also known as one of the malefic planets, and holds an important position in the birth chart. The natural speed of the saturn is quite slow. However it’s also recognised as a teacher. A person influenced by saturn needs to work hard in his life.

It’s best suited in houses 3,6,10,11. Even after this, this makes a person courageous to face the challenges.

  • Rahu And Ketu

These two planets are also known as malefic planets causes of mental illness, death of family members, theft, skin diseases, breathing problems, ulcers etc. If the Rahu is well placed then the native may achieve good name and fame.

Whereas ketu may lead to spirituality, detachment, liberation etc.However negative aspect of Ketu provides the loss of property and aggressive towards others.

  • Mars

Mars has a fire element, and it’s connected with strength and supremacy.  A good mars represents courage, zeal, vitality, confidence, and ability of innovation, and creativity.

If we consider the planet power in astrology then Mars is also the most powerful planet, where negative aspects of the mars generate anger, ego, selfish temperament, arrogance etc. However, a positive mars can be a  winner and help to overcome challenges. Whereas an affiliated Mars can make a person without aimless.

In the above article we have seen the planet power in astrology in brief. All the planets in vedic astrology are quite important where they influence the native. If you suffer from any kind of problem in terms of family, relationship, finance, career or anything else you can consult Dr. Sanjay Sethi – an award-winning astrologer and numerologist in India.

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